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Status: Guardian (5/May/2014)
Housing: House, shares room with fiancé Sigma
Weapon: Knife, Revolver
Transportation: Skateboard

"Proud" Member of the Sinister Squad

Assless Chaps | Hinata Hajime


Anyone in their right mind would know that working alone was a recipe for disaster, especially when it came to enforcing the law. Even if that law was technically nonexistent. And now with this whole Yazu—Yus… the volunteer police thing, he’d definitely need someone to take care of the trouble that’d inevitably pop up while he was on duty in sector four. He put out a notice, calling for anyone interested in becoming his deputy. 

He could never hold down a deputy for very long, but new surroundings called for new measures. Who knew, maybe this would work out for once.

A week or so passed until the day of the interview, when there came a knock at his apartment door. Shame there was not artificial intelligence to tell him who it was, let alone to let them in. The marshal wouldn’t have struck himself as someone completely dependent on hundreds of years’ worth of technological advances, but… doors with artificial intelligence on them were pretty handy, for the most part. So in the true fashion of someone who didn’t want to stand up to get the door, he called out a “Yeah, come in. Door’s open.” to whoever was on the other side of said doors. Hopefully it would be someone with experience. Chances were, it wasn’t.

Okay, so maybe Hinata wasn’t exactly the most fit person for the job. He never worked in law enforcement, he barely knew anything about the Old West or America (at least he thinks Nevada is a place) or even very much about cowboys. But Hinata has punished killers before.

And he brought his own gun, so there’s that.

Brief research on cowboys led Hinata to the door of the Marshal, looking more like a historical reinactment player than someone applying for a serious job, but how was he supposed to know that assless chaps over his jeans and a cowboy hat might come off as a little overbearing and odd when clashed with his tie and his white sneakers. He was a mess really.

Knocking on the door, he waited a moment before hearing the okay to come in. He figured his new potential boss was busy and peeked inside, looking around.

"Hello? I’m Hinata Hajime, I’m here for the interview?"

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"Well it’s not much of a celebration unless everyone’s enjoying themselves. And what better way to put everyone in a good mood than by giving them plenty to eat?"

"Ah, I suppose you’re right, huh? Big parties are kind of exciting you know? I’ve never really been to a lot of them. Last time I was at a party, a friend of mine died."

"Oh hey neat you have orange juice. Happy birthday dude."

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And so Battler dons his party hat-.. What do you mean that’s a bucket? It is most definitely a party hat, you shut your lying mouth.

And with a snap of his fingers, cake and various other candied treats appeared on tables all over the city.

"Well, celebrating my birthday’s optional, but I guess I should make an effort to do something special. So everyone gets all the sweets they can eat!"


Looking around in confusion, Hinata saw cakes everywhere. So many cakes. At least forty cakes. That’s as many as four tens. He had streamer on his head. Is there a way for a party to be out of control before it began?

"Dang dude, once you actually remember it’s your birthday, you really go all out, don’t you?"

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Forgive and Try to Forget || closed; sigmeowklim


Sigma felt Hinata didn’t owe him anything.

Sure the experience of being shot in the head by your fiance wasn’t exactly pleasant, or ideal, or even anything positive AT ALL, but neither was getting a viral infection that caused you to commit suicide, and receiving said infection from your fiance. So really, he felt as if they were already even. Both were forced to end the other’s life one way or another.

Regardless, he didn’t want nor need Hinata to do anything to make it up for him. When the other started shaking him to wake up, he simply scrunched up his face and flipped over, whining lightly.


"Mmmn….five more minutes…"

He felt responsible, even if he had gotten Radical-6 from Sigma and had killed himself in front of Sigma. But he felt this was, in a way, different. He just felt guilty and distant. If he could just give Sigma something nice, like this day, he was sure they’d both feel better.


"Sigma… in five more minutes the pancakes might get cold, so wake up."

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Where have you been? What were you doing? It’s been 4 days since I got here and you didn’t think of showing your face until NOW, and only to make that dumb comment?
We’re supposed to be brothers in blood! We’re supposed to stick to eachother to the end! How dare you show your face just now!
I mean I’m glad to see you but be more responsible! Why would you leave your brother like that?

"Dude calm down holy shit. I didn’t ask to be here for the last year it just sort of happened. I guess I made a comment because we’re blood brothers and I felt comfortable doing it man. Regardless, I’d say I’m glad you’re here but we’re sort of trapped so… nice to see you?"

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Can the science side of Hive City please explain why every person I walk into feels like being a comedy genius and bringing up that I look young. 

"Okay you do look a little young but at least you look like a high schooler right? Which is good!”

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"Fine! But no more liftin’ an’ all that shit." He muttered, frowning. He hated being the smaller one in this situation, and he felt less intimidating now. Why couldn’t the other lift more weights?

"Yer all tiny cause ya don’t work out!" He would grin and prod at Hinata’s stomach, where his fingers were running along the abs. “Workin’ out means gettin’ th’ladies! Ya feel me?” He chuckled, giving a goofy grin. Talk about personal bubble.

"Fine fine I wont lift you… me… us?" Hinata groaned to himself. How could this of all things happen to him. I mean sure he’s had worse but this was just bizarre.

"Hey don’t comment on my life style okay not all of us can have muscles the size of our faces." Hinata jumped back a little at the prodding, it felt weird being touched by his own hand. "Look at my hand idiot, I’m engaged. I clearly don’t need help with that.”

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"Put me down! I’m not some dumb doll you idiot!" He would pipe up, his legs flailing at the other. This wasn’t helping.

"Settle down and don’t hurt yourself… myself… ourselves?"

Nevertheless, he set Joseph back down on the ground with a small laugh.

"I never really noticed how tiny I am."

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